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The Complicated Web of Laws That Apply to Signs in HOAs.

June 5, 2019


The typical HOA has a variety of signs throughout the project. Utah Community Associations are governed by a web of laws that apply to signs, in some ways that are unexpected. For example, while it may seem obvious that the pool and spa signs must comply with Health Department regulations, it is not well known that they cannot be any more restrictive than those regulations without risk of violating the Fair Housing Act. Clubhouse and workout room signs must be carefully prepared to comply with the same federal and state Fair Housing laws. Towing and parking signs in an HOA must be consistent with applicable towing laws. All signs and notices must comply with the rules and governing documents in both condominium associations and townhome projects. Slight variances between the rules and signs can create problems for enforcement and the assessment of fines for violations. The lawyers at Morris Sperry can conduct a sign audit and identify problems with signs that can avoid litigation, UALD complaints, and enforcement problems.

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