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For Developers


Profit-driven strategies

Morris Sperry understands that from the developer's point of view, it's all about making a profit. Fortunately, that motivation benefits the owners in your projects. To be profitable year after year, your projects must be full of satisfied owners who buy from you again and refer others to your developments. A project mired in litigation or disputes can cost a fortune in lost time and legal expenses. You lose even more with increased insurance costs, bad publicity, and lost business. After years of experience, the developers working with Morris Sperry have learned these lessons and they rely on the attorneys at Morris Sperry for disclosures, good turnover practices, association operational guidance, and excellent project documents.

Morris Sperry brings something equally important to the development process. The law applicable to developers of Utah community associations has changed tremendously in the last five years. The community association development process is now a minefield of legal liability. New community leaders are more likely to be informed of the availability of construction defect lawsuits and other claims against developers. This is all the more reason to put the superior knowledge and experience of Morris Sperry on your side throughout the development process and in any dispute related to this process.

Imagine a turnover meeting in which the owners express satisfaction with their homes and your project. They tell you how much they appreciate what you have done for them and how the association was managed prior to turnover. Five years later, they seek you out for a new home and recommend their friends and neighbors to your projects. The lawyers at Morris Sperry can help you make this a reality.

Specific services provided:

  • Drafting initial governing documents (declaration, bylaws, articles of incorporation, rules)
  • Revising and replacing governing documents in foreclosed and partially completed projects
  • Advising subsequent developers on development rights and obligations before and after the purchase of foreclosed, partially completed, or failed projects
  • Plat review and revisions
  • Drafting and reviewing purchase contracts between developers and owners
  • Incorporating and properly organizating the association
  • Litigation avoidance strategies
  • Strategies for healthy projects and maximizing owner satisfaction
  • Advice for compliance with developer duties
  • Implementing strategies for turnover that maximize owner goodwill and minimize conflict
  • Compliance with OTARD, the Fair Housing Act, the ADA, and other regulatory and statutory requirements