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The Drones are Coming! Are Your HOA CC&Rs up to the Challenge?

February 13, 2015

The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show was swarming with new drones last week. There were drones small enough to hold in your hand and large enough to carry a twenty-pound payload. The new rage is drones that will follow ("Auto-Follow") a person either by recognizing the person or a logo on the person or by following a device or controller carried by a person. In the next five years community associations will be swarming with drones of all sizes doing all sorts of tasks, the most common of which is taking high definition video or photographs. One can only imagine the issues these drones will raise in society in general and in condominium and homeowner associations.

Consistent with their absolute drive to remain on the cutting edge of HOA law, Morris Sperry is now including provisions in governing documents to address the inevitable arrival of these versatile devices. When you get your governing documents (declaration, bylaws, rules, articles of incorporation, CC&Rs) rewritten by Morris Sperry, you get thousands of hours of work and fine tuning in our template, including ongoing additions and modifications to address new technologies and changes in the law. With a great template to start with, the lawyers at Morris Sperry customize that template to your association with a extensively tested process that produces great documents. That process also maximizes the chances that the association will get the owner approval needed to adopt the new governing documents. 

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