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Daybreak Townhome 1 Lawsuit Information - Case No. 190908678:

The Daybreak Townhome 1 Owners' Association, Inc. ("Association"), has filed a lawsuit in Utah naming hundreds of defendants. The lawsuit is Utah Case No. 190908678. This is a "declaratory" action, which  means no one is being sued for money or damages or attorney fees.  No money or damages are involved. The Association is simply trying to obtain an Assignment of Claims from the original owners of the townhomes in this project.

If you have been named as one of the defendants, you should have been or will be served either personally, by certified mail, by regular mail, by publication, and/or by email. Information has been provided about how to provide an Assignment of Claims to Morris Sperry and then be dismissed from this declaratory lawsuit. For your convenience, that information is listed below:

Instructions for Accessing Information about this Case:

  • In your Internet browser, go to www.morrissperry.com
  • Select "Resources"
  • Select "Client Documents"
  • Select "Go to client documents"
  • Type in TOWNHOME for the Username
  • Type in COMPLAINT for the Password
  • Click "Log in"

The most helpful document for you to access is the Notice to All Defendants. Please read that carefully as it answers many of your questions. Morris Sperry looks forward to receiving the signed Assignment of Claims from the original owners and dismissing those original owners from this action.

If you have any additional questions, you can email melissa@morrissperry.com or call (801) 790-9000.