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Gain an edge

The lawyers at Morris Sperry teach and present to various groups, trade organizations, and sections of the Utah State Bar. They also provide intensive training to their clients and their clients' managers with regular educational opportunities. 

The following is a schedule of upcoming events that the lawyers at Morris Sperry are involved in and offering. If you are interested in an invitation-only event and have not received an invitation, please contact our staff.

John Morris to Present on Using GIS Technology and Digital Mapping in Litigation:


John Morris will team up with Matt Liapis, a GIS expert, to discuss GIS and digital mapping technology and how it can be used in litigation. GIS presents a new opportunity for visualizing and analyzing property ownership on a massive scale and in a way that simplifies and quantifies a tremendous amount of data in simple to see and understand maps. This technology was recently used by Morris Sperry in a trial to obtain a fifteen million verdict for wrongful lien damages on over 600 parcels of property. Mat Liapis testified as a GIS expert in the trial and was able to effectively and efficiently demonstrate on digital maps the ownership of thousands of parcels of property at several different time periods. He was further able to visualize and quantify hundreds of lots upon which certain documents had been recorded. Using alternative methods of quantifying and presenting this data such as through traditional title searches and reports would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. In contrast, the GIS analysis and mapping was more persuasive, easily understood, and cost a small faction of that amount.

The presentation will be held at the Utah State Bar on August 31, 2017 at 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Lunch will be provided. To register, call the Utah State Bar at 801-297-7032 or register online at https://services.utahbar.org.