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Employee of Management Company in Detroit Steals $180,000 from Community Associations

June 23, 2013

The latest in a never-ending stream of HOA embezzlement stories involves a management company accounts payable employee stealing $180,000 in condominium association funds. For over four years (2009-2013), the employee wrote checks to herself and cashed them at banks and stores. This story, along with all of the others we hear about, highlights the need for vigilance in reviewing financial statements for managers as well as board members. Serious consideration should be given to requiring board members to sign checks and for regular audits or reviews. Finally, it is always important to review the crime/dishonesty insurance policy and any fidelity bonds of any management company retained by the association. Morris Sperry is preparing training specifically on this topic and will be making that training available to board members and managers in the fall of 2013.

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