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FAA Releases Proposed Drone Rules

February 15, 2015

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has finally released the long-awaited proposed regulation (rules) governing the use of Drones.  The proposed regulation contains some very interesting and potentially limiting requirements like the requirement that the drone pilot retain "Visual line-of-site" at all times. One can imagine drone pilots clammoring for access to roof tops and other positions that would allow a greater range while complying with FAA requirements. In addition, the pilots would require vetting, training, and testing by the FAA. The FAA will also require reports of any crashes that cause property damage or personal injury, aircraft registration, and markings on the aircraft like current planes. The drones would be limited to 55 pounds in weight. Cameras are permitted without any limitation. The drones also cannot be flown over people who are not involved in the flying of the drone, although the FAA proposes an exception for "microUAS" drones with proper certifications and knowledge. For an overview of the proposed rule, click HERE. To see the Department of Transportation Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems notice that provides the proposed rule and links for making comments, click HERE

Once again, Morris Sperry projects that within five years Drones will be entering community associations delivering prescriptions and taking photographs for all sorts of commercial enterprises. Moreover, it certainly makes both economic and practical sense for both associations and managers to consider using drones for property inspections as a cost saving effort that might also allow for inspections of areas such as roofs and balconies that in some cases may have been previously impossible. Careful consideration and balancing of prvacy interests will be required when using drones for these types of inspections.


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