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Florida Condominium Bans Couples "Living in Sin"

August 14, 2013

In a new and unexpected twist, a Florida condominium has apparently adopted a declaration amendment or a rule banning anyone from moving into the association who is "living in sin." The ban allows couples of any gender and sexual orientation to move in, so long as they are married. But, if they are "a couple" and are not married, the association intends to restrict them from moving in. While we can certainly talk about the legal and moral issues arising out of this decision, a more important issue is clearly implicated. Should the owners or board members in a condominium association be regulating this type of behavior at all? One can only imagine the "investigation" that will ensue when the first couple attempts to purchase a unit and professes that they are merely roommates, not "living in sin." Should a board be in the business of investigating and verifying someone's sexual activity? Moreover, exactly how would they do that?

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