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Jurassic Front Lawn Setting Stage for HOA Lawn Decoration Dispute

September 8, 2015

In a new twist on the pink flamingo, a Texas HOA board is now wrestling with a T-Rex and a Velociraptor decoration on the front lawn of a member home. The owners installed the Jurassic lawn decorations without approval of the association. The declaration and bylaws clearly require approval of the association for any yard decorations. The owners have stated that they will challenge any attempt by the community association to enforce the restriction or to remove the decorations. The surrounding community is watching to see if the dinosaurs are strong enough to survive HOA enforcement powers. Hopefully the HOA and the homeowners have lawyers like Morris Sperry to help deal with this situation. This is the type of issue that can explode into expensive litigation and a damaging public relations battle. Having dealt with this type of problem many times, Morris Sperry can offer a combination of both legal and practical advice to resolve this type of problem in a constructive and cost effective way.   

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