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New Report States that Utah has 3509 Residential Properties Worth 782 Million Dollars in High to Very High Wildfire Risk Areas

April 26, 2015

A recently released 2015 report of the Western United States identified 3,509 Utah properties worth 782 million dollars in high to very high wildfire areas. In addition to the impact this may have on insurance rates, community associations with homes in those areas should be thinking about an emergency plan for fires. They should also be taking proactive action to prevent both the spread of fires and to minimize the risks of damage. The report provides that wildfires are unique natural hazzard because they can be caused by humans (as opposed to earthquakes, storms, and other natural hazzards) and because it is possible to minimize the damage either through fire fighting or through earlier efforts of property owners.

If an association is in a wildfire risk area, Morris Sperry can assist in identifying the scope of authority and responsibility of an association board of directors in the governing documents. With a clear understanding of both the association's authority and responsibility to minimize these risks, the association can take action consistent with the governing documents or make necessary revisions to the documents to align them with the desires of the association. 

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