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“When I was looking for an HOA Attorney, I called about 10 Law firms and asked them; ‘Other than themselves, who is the best HOA attorney in Utah?’ A landslide of them said ‘John Morris’; the second best only had one vote. The other law firms respect and fear John Morris. He leads the way reforming HOA law with the Utah legislature and consequently understands HOA law very well. John gave me very good advice and stood by me when no one else would. The road was seemingly impossible and the legal expense defending myself from a rogue HOA was significant. But the saying is true, ‘you get what you pay for’. After 5 years and $250,000 in legal fees, I got every penny back! More importantly than that, I got justice and vindication. John is tough, smart and the best Trial Lawyer I have ever seen. I will also consider John my friend for the rest of my life.”

—Nate, Homeowner in a Park City HOA

“If I were to say one thing, it would be that, ‘John was enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable, and able to help us do exactly what we wanted for a fair price.’ Thanks!”

—Anne, President of Westcove HOA

“I am a long-time condo owner/resident who was frustrated with both hired management and the elected directors. John was able to quickly and accurately sort out my lack of understanding from the association’s errors. Without any reservation or hesitation I would recommend John to any owner or association in need of competent counsel and/or top-tier litigation. I am now familiar with the cheaper price but higher pain and cost of retaining someone lesser.”

—Ray, Homeowner in an Ogden HOA

“We feel very fortunate that when our HOA was seeking legal advice, we were referred to John Morris. When presented with our situation, his vast knowledge and experience in condominium law gave us the courage to move forward in pursuing action against the developer of our building. Due to his brilliant strategy, anticipation and execution, we ultimately received a very large settlement. Not only is John an expert in this field, he is personable and engaging. He has an astute sense of fairness and his intent is to have the right thing happen...which it did. I have gladly shared with members of other HOA's that should they ever need solid advice, John Morris is the attorney.”

—Jane, President of Presidential Villas Condominiums

“I recently referred one of our clients to John Morris to completely rewrite their governing documents, and the association was very pleased with the work they received. John was both professional and experienced through every step of the document rewrite process. Having an attorney you can trust to guide you through all of the legal requirements was key. I will continue to recommend other clients to John Morris.”

—Shaun, Community Manager at FCS Community Services.

“John Morris has provided our HOA with the highest level of service. His knowledge of the legal and practical challenges faced by condominiums in Utah is unsurpassed, explaining the complexities of the law in a clear and straightforward manner. He is always available and ready to assist with any issue that comes up. He has earned our trust.”

—Dan, President of Wasatch Towers HOA

“For the last several years I have had the privilege to work with John in several different capacities. As chairman of the Utah Legislative Action Committee, he was instrumental in the passage of the Condominium and Community Association laws that substantially enhanced governance of community associations. In this role he was able to achieve consensus among a large group of strong-willed individuals, conduct meetings that were timely and focused, and provide a concise representation of the facts to interested parties. For associations seeking a seasoned attorney, I highly recommend him. He has excellent communication skills, a strong intellect, and practical sense for what does or doesn't work. Most importantly he has integrity and does what he commits to do. His common-sense, and get-it-done approach to resolving problems make him a practical choice for HOA counsel.”

—LaMond, Sr. Partner with SentryWest Insurance Services

“John Morris is THE 'go-to' expert in the HOA field, both on a national level and especially here in Utah. I sincerely believe that he is the best attorney in and for our industry. Time and again he has dedicated himself to going above and beyond when helping not only his clients, but the overall HOA affiliated business community as a resource and mentor. He is thorough, highly intelligent, and extremely reasonable. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending John in any capacity.”

—Carrie, Class One Disaster Recovery

“John Morris is super intelligent, extremely knowledgeable of his subject matter, yet still listens closely to his clients. He strategizes solutions to complex issues and you can rely on him to handle every detail. In addition to being extremely competent, he’s great fun to work with. I recommend him highly.”

—Kathy, Community Manager for EncoreRE Property Management

“I first met John Morris in 1996 when he was on the board and the secretary of an HOA that I managed. Later he became the president and I began working with him more closely. I was so impressed with his skills as an HOA president and as an attorney that I began recommending him to represent the multiple HOA's managed by our company.

Since that time, we have worked together to overcome an untold number of HOA challenges. These challenges have ranged from the typical and mundane to the significant and unique issues that are very detailed and require an extreme amount of care. During these experiences, I have come to realize that there is no one more qualified or more capable. He is simply the best man for the job. 

If you are looking for someone with a great mind for HOA issues and who can thoroughly analyze complicated situations, I have not met anyone more knowledgeable than John Morris.  He is very good at applying his knowledge to the association’s needs and working out a solid solution to any and all association problems. I consider him a great friend and would recommend him without hesitation to any community needing advice.”

—Joe, Community Manager for Property Management Systems