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“Our condominium HOA board went to John Morris in order to receive legal advice on how to resolve some difficult confrontational issues happening between several home owners. John quickly and efficiently reviewed all of the issues. He then had a meeting with board members to explain what he had discovered. To our dismay, John had found that the HOA was not even properly incorporated and that our Rules had major issues complying with the Utah Condo Act with the Fair Housing Act. John quickly and efficiently rewrote our Rules. He also created a new violation procedure.

John gave us great legal advice on how to have a board meeting with one of the homeowners who had filed a request for an appeal regarding violations by their tenant. The board followed John's advice and had a very productive and cordial meeting with the homeowner. 

John is an extremely competent attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding CC&Rs and condominium law. I would highly recommend that any HOA board use John to ensure that their governing documents conform to the Utah Condo Act.

Additionally, I would highly recommend John in reviewing your current Rules and to ensure that they comply with the Utah Condo Act and Fair Housing Act. Additionally, John can provide you with a set of templates that may be used to enforce Rules through warnings and fines.”

—Brian, President of Legacy Ranch Towns HOA

"At every turn that Applegate has required an attorney, John Morris and  his partners have provided us with sound, ethical, responsible, and accurate legal information. Responses to our inquiries are without fail, provided expediently. John Morris has shown himself to be a person of exceptional character. In all matters regarding Applegate he has put the HOA before other concerns. We also engaged Morris Sperry to provide us with collections assistance. Their staff worked diligently to collect thousands in delinquent dues from our homeowners in a polite and professional manner. We are greatly impressed with the Morris Sperry law firm."  

—Sandra Brollier, Applegate Condominium Board Member

I would be remiss if I did not take the time to acknowledge the positive outcome of John Morris's support, accomplishments, professionalism, demeanor, thoroughness, knowledgeable counsel, intensive focus, holistic approach, clear direction, strategy, and empathy demonstrated during our lengthy two year effort to correct the unpleasant situation that existed at our condominium complex - the Presidential Club Condominiums. In the extremely brief time since we engaged Morris Sperry's services (1½ months), you were able to bring this entire negative situation to a hasty, cost-effective, and permanent conclusion. Oh - how I wish we had discovered your firm earlier. During our two-year stressful ordeal, we have become aware of the many Homeowners Associations (HOA) that have been experiencing similar, negative situations such as ours. I would hope that they are fortunate enough to become aware of the tremendous clinical focus and professionalism that your firm - Morris/Sperry - brings to the table.

Our owners are quite relieved that our homeowners association is now able to focus on the efforts that are so critical to all owners including creating a positive environment for all. We, the Members of the Board, with the efforts of Robert and John, now have the ability to do just that.

We look forward to a long, mutually benefitical relationship.

—Jack Schiefer, Secretary Presidential Club Condominiums

As a seven year resident of the PCC, I have seen the management of our building going from below average to inept. When owners finally decided to have the first election in seven years, it was  mishandled [to say the least]. The next task was to remedy the situation. After several months of ineffective legal work and high costs to our condominium association, we engaged the services of John Morris and one of his partners. From then on, good and honest things happened. We have a new board and finally a bright future for our home which was going downhill at a very alarming pace.
Thanks for your professionalism and skill in helping our condominium association.


—Tom Nissalke - Board Member, Former Head Coach of the Utah Jazz, and NBA Coach of the Year

I am very grateful that I found Morris & Sperry. My only regret is that it wasn't sooner. I can't express the importance of getting good legal help before making decisions in your community. I experienced repeated and continuous discrimination at the hands of our HOA Board. I tried for three years to resolve the issue and explain the legal exposure they were putting us in. We had legal representation as an HOA that was both expensive and ineffective. With no other options, I hired Morris & Sperry to represent me personally to get things resolved. WOW! What a difference! They know their stuff! Time and time again in meetings with other legal counsel I was glad I had them in my corner. On many occasions Mrs. Devoe had to explain to the other side what the law was. In the end it was a very expensive lesson for the HOA. We could have avoided the whole thing if we would have started with Morris Sperry. Not all HOA Lawyers are equal. Please do yourself a favor and get the best. You won't regret it. And the best part of all was they truly cared and went out of there way for me in so many ways. If you are an HOA or a Resident I wouldn't hesitate to call! I know I won't!

—Mark, Homeowner in Utah HOA

Morris Sperry runs a very professional operation, which was extremely helpful to me as I reside out of state. I was always informed as to what was happening. We obtained a very acceptable resolution with Morris Sperry’s knowledge and efforts. I would recommend them to any one who has an HOA issue.

—Gary, Homeowner in a Park City HOA